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i'm brennen. i grew up on the rural great plains and currently live in colorado.

interests: gardens, pens, notebooks, animals, the weather, camping, festivals, burns, music, SF&F, history, poems, bikes, misc. d.i.y. nonsense.

professional computer botherer and angry about it. sometime perl & php hacker. used to sell blinkenlights for a living, currently deploy wikis.

i complain about computers and worry about natural disasters too much, but try to CW it.

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waking up from a dream where i was shouting "...the mechanization of the mind! bring on the butlerian jihad!"

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holy shit: the noise a cricket makes is a crick, isn't it

prior nemesis list:

- arborist with very loud wood chipper on truck

- that one fat mouse

- neighbor's fluffy dog

- the stripey cat from across the alley who sprawls on the yard table and makes eye contact

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heard this terrible noise from the direction of the cat's yard tunnel and when i went to check this other black cat was disappearing around the corner of the house post haste. i think he may have found a new nemesis.

probable gun violence 

whew. seems like this one didn't amount to anything.

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probable gun violence 

distracted from work by the latest unfolding active shooter situation in a nearby town.

food (soup report) 

ok, i think i used a little too much butter & olive oil. it's kind of greasy. the flavor is a little flat. it's not terrible, but it's not great either. the precursor to a much better soup. i need to figure what else to put in it.

i also... ok, so the instant pot has a lot of features i like, but honestly i just don't think it's as good as my 22 year old crockpot for actual slow cooking, unless i'm missing something.

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it's raining, i'm home by myself, that's enough provocation: it is time to make soup.

this one is a vegan affair except for some butter. trying out using the slow-cook mode of the instant pot.

2 large potatoes, 1 medium sized onion, a bunch of some greens i don't entirely recognize from the farm share, can of navy beans, 3 mildly hot peppers and 4 mid-sized tomatoes from the garden. cumin, dill, oregano, garlic powder, a little salt, a cube of bouillon. will probably need more flavors.

"i'm here to help" is my new tagline for situations where it is manifestly untrue.

(it's that time of year because it's going to be cold soon, so just buzzing everything off seems like a bad idea, but i want to do things like eat soup in a relatively dignified fashion, and the mustache is becoming unruly, and...)

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oh no. it's the time of year where mustache wax starts to seem like it might be a viable proposition. someone talk me down.

looptober thoughts 

...but whatever, it's kind of fun.

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looptober thoughts 

ok, i should try this again.

i acquired some gear since a couple of years ago when i tried it last - a mixer and a groovebox and a couple of cheap synths - and i learned what felt like quite a bit about how to use them, without (as usual) learning *anything* about music itself.

trying to make some tiny stupid compositions for a month seems like it would be a good exercise.

as ever, this still feels like a thing where no matter how much i learn i'll never learn anything.

another technology rant (subtype: what actually sucks) 

especially when you contemplate how much of it is only supplanted when enough energy can accumulate around _another extremely shitty thing_.

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another technology rant (subtype: what actually sucks) 

...but it keeps, somehow, boggling my mind just how much of the kind that is *actually quite bad* is a thing that's widely accepted as best practice, desirable industry standard, etc.

consensus sometimes turns on this class of thing, eventually, after years of damage, but the cumulative decades of shared belief that x extremely shitty thing is definitely what we all ought to be doing is just kind of overwhelming.

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another technology rant (subtype: what actually sucks) 

i've spent most of my adult life working on two kinds of technology:

1. the kind that people in the field believe almost universally to be bad

2. the kind that is actually quite bad

now: i don't mean to say that the venn diagram here contains no overlap. for example, i'm pretty sure SOAP was already widely reviled when i first had to use it, and in practice it was even worse than its reputation suggested.

celebrity death adj 

former coworkers all reminiscing about that time coolio played the deli zone and everybody thought the deli zone guy was making it up

of *course* nextcloud is the kind of software that sends you a notification that it has failed to dismiss a notification.

do your pets have specific theme songs with original words

had some thoughts for wrt, my static site generator, and realized i'd never really published the last round of changes i made back in june - mostly an experimental feature to add custom filter scripts for rendering entries.

here's v8.0.0:

should be live on CPAN as well in the not-too-distant future:

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