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given recent trends in my overall ability to type sentences into computers, i'm declaring that this account will now treat articles, conjunctions, and correct pluralization of most words as strictly optional, and deprioritize spelling stuff the way you're supposed to. effective immediately.

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standing offer until further notice:

want to do something on the command line but not quite sure where to start? trying to sort out some kind of tiny script? ill-advised regular expression not _quite_ hacky enough for the job? not asking stackoverflow quite the right thing?

maybe i can help! @ me and let's see what we can do.

(disclaimers: rapid response not guaranteed; i won't make fun of you; i'll tell you if i'm stumped; i'm easy to stump.)

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hey my department at NYU has two very exciting opportunities you all should apply for: a teaching/research fellowship ($30k stipend, due 4/15) and a project residency ($5k stipend, due 5/1)


accidentally finding the single actually hot pepper in the leftover tofu & vegetables

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Thread 🧵 of 501(c)(3) public charities you can support instead of the FSF, if you care about its mission:

last boost: if we could distill this feeling and inject it into people who have just started making stuff, we could avoid so much suffering.

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im terrified of the impermanence of technology. everything i used to like about technology is now gone, or has completely changed. new things have emerged that i like. but i can't invest myself in anything mainstream any more. what's the point? it'll be gone too!!! thats why, like all the other extremely cool people, ive become obsessed with making everything in a really simple way, and go all weird and my eye starts twitching when people talk about new layers of abstraction

we went to a show tonight.

we sat in little roped off sections, there might have been a hundred people in a venue that can hold... i don't even know, 3-5 thousand?, you could tell people who sing for a living are well over a year out of playing regular gigs. but whatever. it was live music.

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Apps are easy to corrupt

Protocols, less so

When in doubt, choose open protocols supported by multiple apps

as step one of rewriting the documentation, i am printing the documentation out and grouping it into categories and preparing to attack it with post-it notes and highlighters.

i'm a bit worried that i'm going to run out of printer paper before i run out of relevant chunks of wiki.

partner got a hammock frame for the back yard, prompting a very "why did we not make this quality-of-life decision many years ago" moment.

"don't ask to ask, just ask" still feels like sorta harsh advice, and i fail to follow it all the time, but after years of async comms on chat platforms and email and such, it also sure seems like _good_ advice.

vim plugins 

i've probably mentioned how cool junegunn choi's fzf[0] is for cli stuff a few times, and i've been using it in vim for a while, but the other day i discovered more of what the vim plugin[1] offers:

:Files - a fast file finder with a preview pane

:Rg - a ripgrep finder thingy with a preview pane

:Colors - a color scheme switcher

:Marks - jump between marks

this is great stuff.


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a vogue-like, where you fucking strut your shit through dungeons, fighting off trolls in your fab as fuck attire

i could probably use a "this person doesn't follow you, are you sure you wanna @ them" feature.

in not-totally-unrelated news, i locked up dosbox somehow and was forced to kill it and now i am writing this toot at 640x480

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in the course of writing a comment i didn't ultimately post anywhere about how i got started programming, i found this:

an archive of the All Basic Code packets, 1995-2003.

"The All BASIC Code (ABC) Archives contains hundreds of BASIC source codes ranging from ASIC/LibertyBASIC/QB/QBasic/PDS/PowerBASIC/VBDOS/VBWIN, and various other BASIC languages (like BasicBasic)."


the honest answers to a remarkable number of the questions and puzzlements expressed on hacker news occupy a pretty narrow band between "because all of your employers are monstrous" and "because you yourselves are monsters"

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