standing offer until further notice:

want to do something on the command line but not quite sure where to start? trying to sort out some kind of tiny script? ill-advised regular expression not _quite_ hacky enough for the job? not asking stackoverflow quite the right thing?

maybe i can help! @ me and let's see what we can do.

(disclaimers: rapid response not guaranteed; i won't make fun of you; i'll tell you if i'm stumped; i'm easy to stump.)

available specialties: general unixy shit, gnu coreutils, php, perl, vi(m), vimwiki, a little python, 1998-2010 era html & stuff, debian, irc, sucking at httpd configuration and being mad about it, etc.

@rugk nice - i've seen this project before, but had since forgotten about it. i do like their approach to the format with concise examples.

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