given recent trends in my overall ability to type sentences into computers, i'm declaring that this account will now treat articles, conjunctions, and correct pluralization of most words as strictly optional, and deprioritize spelling stuff the way you're supposed to. effective immediately.

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(i gave up on typing capital letters in most contexts well before some of you were even born. the shift key is a lot of work.)

@brennen See I spent some time as a copy editor and while I have always firmly held that Social Media (before it was called that) is strictly transcribed spoken English, I still kinda held to general spelling and punctuation rules (albeit with some overuse of commas to convey pauses) and awhile back I went oh no, that makes me sound old. So I stopped.

I do stand firm on the use of "u" and "ur" though.

@gamehawk yeah, for similar publishing / proofreading / professional content-monkeying reasons it's hard for me to let go of the idea of myself as a person who generates Correct text, but i think i've hit the point where my brain is just a little too fried to keep taking ego hits every time i screw something up.

> I do stand firm on the use of "u" and "ur" though.

wholehearted agreement.


Me in college watching Much Cooler Friend write an email to Wired Magazine: You didn’t capitalize the start of your sentence.

MCF: The capitalists will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

@brennen As a person with dyslexia, I appreciate the solidarity.

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