employment rant (general) 

if you are an employer and you actually give a shit about "diversity and inclusion", do us all a favor and make your hiring process:

a) fast for applicants to get to a yes/no outcome instead of a thinly-disguised proxy for whoever already has a job like the one you're offering & can afford to jump through your hoops for months on end

b) not a form of psychological torture

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employment rant (general) 

i can just about guarantee you that both of these things will improve your outcomes in terms of hiring people who don't look exactly like, say, me.

they'll also help people who look superficially like me but have struggles you don't know anything about. in fact, they'll pretty much help everybody. a lot like how, say, wheelchair ramps and legible text help everybody.

employment rant (general) 

@brennen My worst experience was an intense 8 hour interview followed by 6 months of silence puctuated by a job offer out of the blue. :/

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