Woke up this morning and people seem excited about the goblin-chat screenshot I posted (plus the promise of federated MUDs, yes): octodon.social/@cwebber/105992

Glad people are excited about this. Common question, so I'm going to answer it here: does @spritelyproject *require* Tor?

Nope! Goblins has an abstracted "machine communication transport layer"; Tor is just the first demoed. Could also be DNS+TLS, I2P, or carrier pigeons w/ encrypted microsd card backpacks

@dthompson I basically started @spritelyproject after Trump got elected so I wanted to make sure that we could build a network which could survive a societal apocalypse


@cwebber @dthompson @spritelyproject never underestimate the bandwidth of a mad max style war wagon full of scavenged microsd cards

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@brennen @cwebber @dthompson @spritelyproject and every year when I give a networking lecture, the students calculate exactly how much bandwidth that has.

Any chance you have a cc by or cc by-sa licensed image I could use to illustrate that? :-)

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