so #startrek is supposed to be this story of a glorious future where humans and other races are able to live their fullest lives but you ever notice how on starfleet ships there is only ever one font? can this truly be a utopian bastion of freedom if there's no freedom to choose your typeface? I for one am certainly not buying it.

it's been pointed out to me that as resourceful as the Federation is, they might just not be up to the task of creating more than one font that covers every writing system used by all the thousands of sentient races it communicates with; at that scale of new races being discovered you're really lucky if you can get a single font with complete coverage.

the NCC-1701 single-handedly kept the entire Delta division of the Federation Typographer's Guild busy for over a decade


@technomancy behind the scenes, the romulans and the vulcans are really just engaged in a centuries-long proxy war for control of the interstellar unicode consortium

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@brennen if you thought Han unification was bad; wait till you see this...

@technomancy @brennen that's how you know they're not really humans as they'd only use emojis this far in the future.

@technomancy @oz @brennen now im thinking of a ferengi modifier that gives the emoji huge ears

@piggo @technomancy @oz the skin tone stuff is gonna have to get some _serious_ expansion.

not to mention, like, some kind of "skin composition" modifier? "surface composition"? and how do you express "shapeshifter"?

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