should i buy a vintage portable mechanical typewriter

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@brennen unable to answer poll without more information on price

@earthtopus it sort of looks like you can get a functional 60s-80s olivetti for < 200 bucks, which is both not a small amount of money and i guess less than i would have expected.

@earthtopus i mean, it's a small amount of money for, say, a car. i'm not sure it's a small amount of money for something i'd gonna use to supplement the electric typewriter i already own and use maybe every couple of months.

@brennen when you say "portable", what sort of weight are we talking about here

@earthtopus briefly googling the answer to this question is changing my evaluation of the entire thing. i think we're maybe talking something in the range of 13-20 lbs.

@brennen I'm sure relative to the non-portable ones at the time it is a great savings, but yeah, that makes it seem less likely it would get used a lot

@brennen thank you for making the poll multiple selection so that I can express my true feelings on the matter:
☑ yes
☑ no
☑ what is wrong with you

@brennen I've bought multiple antique fountain pens, so my input might be hazardous here.

@bstacey hazardous but fairly attuned to my mindset.

(i keep thinking i ought to get a reconditioned parker 51 from somebody... the knockoffs i've picked up so far have either been crap to write with or have started leaking after brief usage.)

@brennen I voted "what is wrong with you" because you should've said yes without a moment's hesitation

@quiddity @legoktm that is in fact what sparked the whole train of thought. if that thing actually typed i'd be all about it...

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