i hope whoever designed this thing faced professional consequences.

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since buying this object, i've learned that behringer is the sort of company with a Controversies section on its wikipedia page, which unfortunately is not so much about shitty power connectors.

@brennen that was horrible. what a crappy person.

@Greg @brennen Indeed. I have the C1U, I'll make sure to avoid anything else Behringer...

@brennen yeah they just copy other companies' products and sell them for much cheaper, and as soon as anyone complains about it, they make antisemitic caricatures of them

@brennen yea i'll never buy any Behringer brand stuff, but unfortunately they also make a lot of internal components that other companies use, so a complete boycott of behringer is virtually impossible unless you stop buying audio gear altogether

@brennen oh gods this thing is the worst. I have the same mixer or a very similar one and it broke when we looked at it funny

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