earlier today a friend of mine was like well, you can't _prove_ that the antennas on ants & bees aren't for little tiny radios and honestly i still don't know whether i was being trolled.


i mean, i know i was being trolled. what i still don't know is whether he's serious about it anyway.

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and then i'm like well, how certain *am* i that the ants don't have tiny radios in their heads

@brennen I don't know, but I bet a bunch of entomologists are pretty sure one way or the other

@earthtopus i believe the appropriately calibrated response here is "that's what they WANT you to think", but i'm not quite as tuned into this way of thinking as my friend

@brennen I've spent enough time around academics to disbelieve in an entire field's ability to keep a secret that big

@brennen birds do have little compasses in their heads, so I don't think it's out of the question that electromagnetic radiation could be sense-able (sensible?) by electrical circuits in a living organism.

@eqe yeah, and apparently this is a thing:


the weak version of the ants-have-tiny-radios hypothesis (some animals can sense EM in various ways) seems pretty reasonable.

the strong version... well. i will be pretty surprised if ants turn out to have tiny radios and nobody knew about it this whole time.

@eqe (or at least: tiny radios that work at a distance.)

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