snack food, vulpine proclivities 

hello fediverse. i have been in the woods, and have new information about foxes.

specifically: they're way into cheetos.

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snack food, vulpine proclivities 

@brennen I have never tried this but I believe it.

(Foxes frequent my yard, mostly to eat the figs. Sometimes if I spot one I will pick a ripe fig and toss it over and the fox will go fetch it. That's worth having a few fruit get eaten.)

snack food, vulpine proclivities 

@mindspillage we were just camping with maybe 20 people, a pretty responsible crew on the whole but it was a party scene, the nights got pretty late, and a whole smorgasbord of potential snacks were left accessible in the kitchen tent more than once.

what did the fox lift? a single unopened bag of cheetos out of a closed plastic tote.

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