so a friend mentioned that raspberry pi supplies were probably going to be real constrained for the near future, and i thought ok, i might as well pick up the pi 4 with 8 gigs of ram since my stockpile of crappy little computers is aging and in indeterminate condition and i've been wanting to put some kind of synth-on-a-pi into my noisemaking mix.

which brings me to: what's the best use of a pi 4 as a tool for making sounds?

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i'm not averse to getting one of those kits that adds some knobs and a little display (was just looking at the zynthian stuff[0]), but my main thing is i've got a midi controller that isn't super useful as an input to a 1-channel midi synth so a computer in the mix seems like a good idea. also it would be nice to have something that can grab samples in realtime without spending the kind of money that sampler hardware seems to cost...


@brennen Interesting! What's the reason for the constraints? The usual chip shortage or something specific?

@0x11de784a just the ongoing supply chain stuff that's hitting much of hardware right now, i think, but for the pi specifically it sounds like a lot of places are probably gonna be out of stock for a while once their current supply is used up.

@brennen Okay, makes sense. Was thinking about getting a new RPI for this one project. Maybe I'll just buy it now... Thanks!

@yngmar :D

would be more satisfying than at least 60% of my historical interactions with a raspberry pi.

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