like a lot of nerds who got access to a DOS machine some time in the 90s and started poking around looking for something, anything of interest before being on the internet all the time was really an option, i wrote some qbasic games.

qbasic trader was going to be my magnum opus. a supremely unoriginal clone of _taipan_, which i'd first played on the apple II.

it's a pretty bad game, but i'm still kind of proud of the pixel art.


thinking about it now, aside from the orientalist veneer, taipan is the sort of game that presaged all those paperclip maximizer type things that happened later.

the basic buy-low-sell-high thing is easy enough to copy, but i never could get the balance that made it so satisfying to rack up an absurdly high score.

if i were making something like this now, i guess i'd want to subvert the whole premise somehow. maybe i'd have you play the pirates.

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weird to think about the version of my life where i kept caring about making games long enough that it overlapped with actually knowing how to program.

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