@brennen morning! The boss scheduled the first big "post-COVID" speaker for a Monday after a three-day weekend, then got COVID himself, and is now trying to run the show entirely via email while folks who just started paying attention thirty seconds ago gripe at me for not having Done It Differently

@brennen currently getting grumped at for mentioning that most of our folks feel empowered to take their own rideshare up to campus (the implication being that it was somehow insulting to not assume he'd want a ride like he was a kid being picked up from school?) Anyway, people are strange

@brennen GUY WHO'S TALKING IN FIVE HOURS: "hey, how long am I supposed to talk for? Should there be a discussion?"

My dude, I don't know how to tell you that I am not in charge of that on the day of

@brennen boss, sounding aggrieved on the phone: "we shouldn't be scrambling like this."

oh you think?

@earthtopus i wonder who could possibly have made decisions which would have prevented that outcome.

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