early october garden report 

our first frost is looming, trying to think about what needs to be done first.

harvested all dozen ears of the corn last night. will probably cover the tomatoes and see if they keep kicking for a couple weeks.

i'm debating feasibility of digging up a couple of the hot peppers and moving them inside. they got a late start and are only now just really producing anything.

carrots oughta be fine in the dirt. kale and such is pretty hardy. there are herbs i should pick.

early october garden report 

we've got a bunch of jars of dried apples, a couple gallons of hard cider brewing, some pie filling and apple butter made, but there are still more apples on the tree than i have the faintest idea what to do with. i guess i'll pick a bunch and hope it's not cold enough to damage the rest.

anybody want any apples?

early october garden report 

a useful answer re: how cold apples can get before they take damage:


lines up with what i've been told in the past, but nice to have some confirmation. i should look at extension reference stuff more often.

early october garden report 

me, late yesterday afternoon: oh hey the website i clicked on says it's only gonna get down to like 40, i've got another day to deal with this

the colorado weather, shortly after sundown: thunder, lightning, an inch of ice pellets


early october garden report 

as a child of the plains, i can pretty much never live anywhere that doesn't generate this class of experience on the regular. running around frantically dealing with the weather is how i know i'm alive.

early october garden report 

@brennen I assume this is similar to how, having spent my formative years in Florida, I get anxious if I'm not near a coastline and can't get to the water even though I'm never going to act on those fantasies of escaping into the sea.

early october garden report 

@brennen there's also just something so fucking satisfying of having a storm come in and, yeah, last minute checks are good, but then just sitting inside listening to all go down and feel... calm and assured that you are safe and so are your belongings.

It's a privilege but it feels so good.

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