do you ever create or substantially revise a document bigger than, say, a paragraph-length text message or a very short e-mail on your phone-without-a-keyboard?

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@brennen I sometimes use the time in the tram to draft blog posts on the phone.

@brennen No, and when people ask me to I tell them "wait until I get to a proper computer".

Devices without keyboards make me feel very crippled. Plus everything on phones is even shitter than on proper computers, so I don't trust it not to screw up and eat my works before I get to post/save/submit them.

@brennen I'm somewhere between sometimes and often, but not under duress. If need be, I can almost always move to a computer.

@brennen by without-a-keyboard you mean with effortless access to multiple keyboards in multiple scripts? Боже мой!

@brennen which is to say I don't compose longform text this way but it sure is easier to look up Russian or Czech words on Wiktionary from my phone

@earthtopus yeah, it's a good point. i know i could run some kind of a clickable software keyboard on my desktop, but i'd have to spend a while figuring out which one / how.

@brennen there are easyish ways to swap keyboard layouts on desktop but not also the legends like touchscreen keyboards can

I wouldn't say preferred but it is exactly what I do nearly every day. Of course my blackberry does have a keyboard.

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