i was thinking more about this code-you-won't-touch thought, and how often it actually boils down not so much to the code as it does to all of the social apparatus around the code.

vimwiki is a pretty good example of this. it's a number of things:

- often terrible code, in a generally terrible language

- code i nominally work on maintaining

- code i could wrestle into maintainability, but won't, because i'd have to get review and other people keep piling more code on it

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the terrible code is _a_ problem, but it's not _the_ problem.

software is a social, political, and economic process. that's the problem.

@brennen so you're saying it's people, like always?

@brennen this is what has made me refuse to learn github. dealing with shitbirds is part of it and if I have to deal with shitbirds I'd better be getting a damn paycheck.

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