this afternoon promises a full slate of interstate 70 through western kansas.

a prospect sufficiently grim that one comes to regard particularly interesting gas stations and folk art billboard exhortations to think of your potential damnation with nostalgic fondness.


i sincerely love kansas, but i do not love I-70.

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@brennen we stopped at this little museum on the western side for dinner/kid energy reasons: The High Plains Museum in Goodland. Apparently next to the World's Largest Easel according to gmaps, but we missed that. We spent most of our time in the ditch/under the road looking for railroad spikes.

I guess I don't really recommend it :)

@Greg i _have_ heard pretty good things about the museum in hays - - but as with most stuff on an interstate, the psychological pressure to just continue the interminable drive always seems to override my impulse to stop and look at dinosaurs...

@brennen that place was great. we all loved it. It was such a fun place to find in the middle of KS that I did not expect.

(sidenote: it was also super windy when we stopped there (probably always) and the trailer's door strut was ripped out when the door flung open)

@brennen (we stopped at Sternberg on our way east, and Goodland on our way west)

@Greg awright, i'm gonna really try to make time for it next trip. there's also a really good brewpub downtown in hays i should get back to...

@brion yeah, i don't exactly _enjoy_ driving 70 through the mountains (hell is other drivers), but it is quite stunningly beautiful down the western slope.

@brennen @brion as long as the climate crisis induced fires and heavy rains don't destroy too much of the road along the most expensive 2 miles of interstate in the US.

Speaking from experience :)

Though US-40 (goes E/W but further north in CO) is a great alternative in those cases. Beautiful 2-lane highway.

@brennen yeah my experience was roughly "OH GOD OH GOD IM GOING TO DIE FLYING OFF THIS MOUNTAIN oh look this is really pretty i'm glad we took this route OH CRAP OH CRAP"

@brion yeah, that sums up my first solo drive out that way pretty well. white knuckling it with intermittent bursts of "holy shit this is gorgeous".

@brion (i was like 20 and had basically never driven further than the mall by myself and decided to try and win over an internet crush and my entire life since then has more or less been fallout from that trip, so it's sort of vividly burnt into memory.)

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