platforms where you follow people / feeds / whatever should have a way to tag the nature of the follow that shows up (to you) with their posts.

"you were just keeping an eye on their bullshit" is way different context than "you liked what they had to say about fountain pens" or something.

What should that look like? (Compared to the already existing ability to add notes to people's accounts.)

@Coffee i think i'd like something like customizable little colored tags on... individual posts, probably? i don't very often look at anyone's profile just in the regular flow of conversation, but it'd be nice to know a few things at a glance - is this person a mutual, did i tag them with something? tags could probably be arbitrary strings.

@Coffee (also, to be clear, it'd be nice to have something like this in places like my feedreader or my mail client - i didn't just intend it as commentary on mastodon.)

That sounds nice.

Maybe lists can be abused for this purpose, in combination with a client that converts list membership into visual elements on individual posts.

@brennen yesssss, I wish I could optionally annotate my actions and then search through the annotations later!

"Followed this account because", "turned off boosts from this account because", "unfollowed because", "blocked because" and so on

Even annotated replies could sometimes be useful

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