i'm brennen. i grew up on the rural great plains and currently live in colorado.

interests: gardens, pens, notebooks, animals, the weather, camping, festivals, burns, music, SF&F, history, poems, bikes, misc. d.i.y. nonsense.

professional computer botherer and angry about it. sometime perl & php hacker. used to sell blinkenlights for a living, currently deploy wikis.

i complain about computers and worry about natural disasters too much, but try to CW it.

i don't think i've ever written one of these before so i thought i'd try, this one is weird, and i'm deeply ambivalent about the idea of being ~findable~ anyway, so i left off the hashtags.

@redoak nah, s'all good. that's what these are for, after all. :)

i really wouldn't mind meeting some new folks.

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