so these neighborhood youths found a free couch somewhere and decided to carry it off and got tired partway and left it sitting in front of our house and now we're getting earnest notes from the town code compliance officer and i am not exactly gruntled.

@brennen that's exactly what someone who was keeping a couch in front of their own house would say

@brennen also, this reminds me of sitting on my own porch during move-in weekend and telling people they can't put stuff on my verge just because it's on the corner and "it'll go faster"

@earthtopus yeah, there is no practical way i'm getting out of manually disassembling this thing and/or negotiating with the neighbor for dumpster space. i'm fucked if i'm going to drive it to the dump and pay 50 bucks to drop it off, though.

if we ever see the youths in question again, i'm gonna turn the hose on them or something.

@earthtopus (that, in turn, is exactly what i expect the code compliance officer to say here in a few minutes.)

@earthtopus update: in a turn of events that has left me pretty well astonished, the town code guy cheerfully talked a couple of town maintenance dudes with a pickup into disposing of the couch.

@brennen mmm, soft power. Knock wood you haven't taught local couch movers yours is a reliable place for disposal.

@earthtopus this conversation is going to flash through my mind, later, when i'm yelling at one or more neighborhood youths

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