hoodies should have


one for @earthtopus.

hoodies should have:

@brennen @earthtopus Disagree. Chaotic good is only sleeves, no body. No sleeves is chaotic neutral. Chaotic evil is one sleeve only, bonus points if that sleeve is non standard in some other way.

@erinbee @earthtopus these are sound opinions and i cannot really dispute them.

@brennen @earthtopus Thumb holes, to be sure. And the hood should be three-panel, not two-panel.

@bix @brennen the only time I've ever tried to wear long sleeves with thumb holes once, but they irritated the shit out of my thumbs because, well, the sleeves weren't long enough

@earthtopus @brennen Yeah, that's no good. Ironically, none of my current hoodies have thumb holes or three-panel hoods, because I had to buy what was cheap and available.

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