solstice yard & garden report 

i harvested enough spinach for dinner last night. we've gotten about a hundred strawberries. that may be about 60% of this year's total yield.

the garden's even more of a ritual exercise than usual this time, tho there are a couple of tomato plants and a few peppers that may live. i didn't manage any planting until a month later than the latest i should have, and everything that wasn't firmly established before the scorching times started is... fairly doomed.


solstice yard & garden report 

then again, you never know - there are all sorts of weird volunteers coming up where i spread the compost, and some might be hardier than i think.

there's a lot of irrigation water just now, because the snow up high is melting at an extreme rate. if i could get it together with pumps and tanks to capture more of it, it'd buffer some against the hot-dry-windy days, but like everything else this year it has the feeling of something i might get to next time around…

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