just heard a very distinct train horn.

there are no active train tracks within miles of here.

@brennen These are funny but also a really bad idea. kleinn.com/shop/?swoof=1&p=&pa

(I saw/heard a pickup use one once and boy howdy there's a big difference between "alerting people" and "cause everyone proceeding through an intersection to panic." Didn't help that Wichita is a town of 100% grade crossings. 😒)


@gamehawk yeah, we have joked in the past about getting something like this for a few hours of driving a year in a very specific setting (within the bounds of black rock city), and i very much suspect that's what i just heard, but ghost train is a way more compelling theory.

@brennen I mean if it was a steam whistle that's a whole nother thing.

@gamehawk alas, no, but on the other hand there's a railroad avenue one block over and it finally dawned on me that the big slab of brick and concrete randomly situated in the park over there was the train platform until Not That Many Decades Ago, so

@brennen Even cooler if it was a steam whistle then.

We had a short-line freight track through our neighborhood and once I was stopped at a crossing and an old dude walked out in the whole striped outfit and cap waving a little red flag and ringing a bell, completely redundant to the crossbucks and lights and bells and gate, and a minute later a loco rolled through with three vintage open passenger cars behind it. That one was diesel but they do have a steam loco too. asvrr.org/

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