copilot might be the straw-on-camel's-back thing that makes me think very not-my-usual-thing thoughts about whether publishing source code was ever actually a good idea at all.

maybe the future of communitarian software development is going to be passing things around on a sneakernet where we make sure you're human first and if we find out you let a corporation or a robot see it, you're a narc.


sure, we'll be hunted like dogs through the wastelands outside the city walls, but at least our text editors won't be trying to stab us in the back and i bet we still get better drugs.


I think the current career trend that I find most disturbing is not copilot, but the notion of migrating all development proper into the cloud via browser-based IDEs.

@lordbowlich it all feels very of a piece to me: a sort of total enclosure and dependence on impossibly complex systems that both determine the course of your work and feed on it to sustain their totality.

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