my parents stop putting the wifi hardware in the basement next to the washing machine challenge 2022

every time i have to figure out where the router is at a relative's house, it's in the fucking basement with a bunch of metal around it.

there's a "my older relatives are bad at technology" plaint here, but more subtly most of the time it's in the basement *because a tech came out and put it there*.

it's like a physical manifestation of the thing where their computer is slow because... they run the operating system it was sold with and the applications the vendor installed on it.

i used to think i could help people with computers, but i haven't felt that way in years. it's absolutely and perfectly hopeless because the entire system of consumer technology is just a ball of overdetermined suck.

what am i going to tell them? spend literally your entire life just learning about computer shit? i did that and i'm having a bad time too, just a different bad time.

@brennen gotta keep it humid and vibrating so that the wifi distributes more evenly french here: i've only ever seen routers placed in living rooms, including by techs, and now new apartments have fiber plugs (no more phone plugs) in the living room… wtf

@brennen Is that because it's cable modem and they come in at lowest point off the street?

@penguin42 weirdly(?), 3 of the ones i'm thinking of have been satellite.

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