Does any tiling window manager, especially stumpwm which I already use, have a window selection option (even as extension) that shows window previews like the overview in gnome shell?

@cwebber i have wanted this for a decade. at one time it was theoretically possible to get xmonad (which i already use) to coexist with a compositor in such a way that you could get the expose-like features... i think i remeber compiz or something? i'm so hazy on this, the landscape has changed, and i never got it working. every once in a while i revisit. will be interested to see if this gets any useful responses.

@brennen @cwebber every so often I come across things like this which make me realize how there are enormous differences between how I use a computer and how other people who I assume think a lot like me use their computers. it's such an interesting phenomenon!

@cwebber @brennen for every workspace 0-9, I always have the same thing running in it; firefox in 1, IRC in 2, emacs open with fennel in 3, emacs open with some other codebase in 4, tmux with my work machine in 5, mail client (also emacs) in 9, etc.

plus with exwm, ido-powered C-x b is how I switch windows, so typing a few letters in the name of the title of the window will bring it up. (but it's very rare to want to switch to a window that isn't already foregrounded in one of my workspaces)

so the idea of having to look for a window and not being sure where you're going to find it isn't really something that's ever come up for me.

@technomancy @brennen I keep meaning to give exwm a serious shot. Emacs' poor async story is honestly the only thing holding me back.

@cwebber @brennen this is an understandable reaction. however!

a) if you currently have elisp which makes blocking calls that freeze the whole instance, you've got buggy elisp! you should probably either see if it can be fixed, or ditch it.

b) if you absolutely can't fix or ditch it, it's pretty easy to run a nested emacs instance which can block all it wants with bad elisp without affecting the wm. i still run my mail client this way because it used to not be async. (i think i fixed it but i haven't bothered to switch it back)

c) wayland is an inevitable apocalypse that will make you shiver in terror at the thought of going back to the bad old days when you used to do your window managing outside emacs.

i don't have a good solution for c and it's kinda keeping me on my old thinkpad over my mnt reform. =\


@technomancy @cwebber

i keep deferring thinking about wayland, but it sure does sort of Loom Ominously on the extremely-customized-window-management horizon.

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