robot voice & the reluctant meeting attendees, with their hit song "i should have gone into the trades"

@brennen "I should have destroyed my body with manual labor instead" is a fun take

@earthtopus sometimes i like to imagine alternatives to having destroyed it and my mental health by sitting at computers for decades.

@brennen I don't disagree, but the counterpoint is the tradespeople who take four times longer to go downstairs wishing they had just gotten a desk job

@earthtopus yeah. i remember with great clarity the exact, exhausted, lawnmower-pushing moment in which i decided fuck this, i'm getting a desk job.

as with most things, the real mistake here was probably coming down out of the trees.

@earthtopus (on some alternative timeline, a mid-career mediocrity of an ape pokes desultorily at something with a stick and thinks to himself: this is bullshit, we should have developed an industrial civilization.)

@brennen also the one tradesperson I lived with drank a twelve-pack of Coors light and half a bottle of Black Velvet like eight days a week

@brennen and that's excluding the Tramadol from his year-plus workers comp excursion (and he was the most sensible one of his peer group, since he didn't do meth any more)

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