why is there a sunrise over mountains emoji but not a sunset over mountains emoji


one of the problems with emojis is that once one accepts the premise, one wants an entire reasonably consistent combinatory system of representation and what one gets is a large number of tiny pictures.

(and really, this could even be fine, if it was *just* a grab bag of pictures with kind of arbitrary names that might not even map usefully to content, except that the content of the tiny pictures is arbitrarily dictated by the whims of several very large corporations and a particular string of bits may evoke an entirely different picture in a platform-dependent way nearly guaranteed to change in future. what could possibly go wrong.)

all artifacts of culture undergo (the functional equivalent of) bitrot and context decay, but we sure are making some fun choices about how ours are going to play out.

a side of doomerism 

i guess on the upside, the timeframe where this is a really significant problem probably isn't *much* different from the one within which our culture is unlikely to keep sustaining things like networks and computers and widespread access to electrical power.

@brennen I have avoided this desire by not accepting the premise much

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