like a lot of nerds who got access to a DOS machine some time in the 90s and started poking around looking for something, anything of interest before being on the internet all the time was really an option, i wrote some qbasic games.

qbasic trader was going to be my magnum opus. a supremely unoriginal clone of _taipan_, which i'd first played on the apple II.

it's a pretty bad game, but i'm still kind of proud of the pixel art.

i hope whoever designed this thing faced professional consequences.

jfc hackernews 

what's the most perfectly honed distillation of murderous technocrat amorality i have ever witnessed in a single exchange on a web site? well, there are many contenders, but this is certainly a strong one.

ok i should definitely reboot this sucker, but you gotta admit this is a pretty sweet uptime get:

in the hopes of somewhat diluting the computer nerd content on this brand new account: check out this sweet mug i just got for slightly-delayed christmas. is brennen's single-user Mastodon instance. This instance runs on, and is thus bound by's ToS, which bar instances dedicated to racism, Nazi shit, transphobia, misogyny, incitement to violence, and the rest of the usual litany of horrors.