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@ranjit peter looks extremely like someone named peter.

@lawremipsum monday's primary utility in an ordinary week is that it buffers us a little against the direct onslaught of tuesday.

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uh oh bro, your radical project is relying on a patron class again! i told you about reproducing the conflicts of interest inherent to the nonprofit industry! i told you bro!!

@brainblasted does however kinda feel like something i wouldn't trust if i wasn't self hosting it, even if i looked it over enough to be comfortable running against my account.

@brainblasted i've done nothing like an exhaustive audit or building a serious mental model of how this works; my at a glance impression is that it isn't great code and there're places they oughta be escaping html in templates, but it could probably be worse and i wouldn't be surprised if it does what it says on the tin.

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@feonixrift these are good ideas and i'm going to follow up on them.

@brion you just have to figure out which one somehow works on the 3rd try if you flip it back to the original orientation

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haha yes

Wordle 215 4/6


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@checkervest you held out much longer than i did.

@srol they're kinda all over the map as far as format. some are how-to / intro / type things, some are detailed references, some are "cookbook"-style things. once upon a time they were a go to in a lot of domains. i haven't bought a new one in probably a decade, and my overall impression that quality has fallen off quite a bit, but also i sorta think the internet has eaten a lot of the model where you'd buy a book to learn a new language or deal with some administrative problem.

an electronic device does not have a power switch.


@checkervest if there's a standup arcade machine of spy hunter or galaga and a salad bar with chocolate pudding, i'm there in a heartbeat.

@redoak this is pretty good but also i'm mad at you for reminding me what sbarro is like.

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@dthompson holy shit, nice.

@checkervest so far today things feel like they're on the upswing. :)

the kind of icy where stepping out the front door is an unwarranted risk.

@hisham_hm it's amazing how far mobile design goes out of its way to prevent you from using computers like computers.

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