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i don't _want_ to see an escalation in violence, but i've been _expecting_ to for quite a while and today only solidifies that expectation.

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this isn't helping either, of course. the tendency for it all to spiral into litigating and re-litigating who did it wrong last time is part of why we're here. the circular firing squad thing is real, between a bunch of people with sincerely overlapping sets of interests.

what i really think is that maybe we're past the threshold of possible procedural recourse.

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i keep being inveighed to vote for democrats, and i'm like welp, i've been voting for democrats this whole time and we have still arrived at this pass. am i supposed to vote _harder_? do it with more sincerity in my heart? if i really believe in it, instead of making a grudging what-will-do-least-damage calculation after getting burned the last n times, will it turn out to work this time around?

@kadin heh, this is an interesting tack, but the friend in question was talking about _portable_ (dry land) setups, so probably a bit of a nonstarter.

i think we have successfully nudged them in the direction of building a foam hexayurt for the most extreme use case they're currently contemplating, and reconciling themselves to a generator when absolutely necessary (they deal with some health issues that make active cooling a must at times).

@prehensile the tiny screaming mouth version is what i'm going to think of any time life forces me to entertain a thought about scott adams from now on, so thanks for that.

@lordbowlich it all feels very of a piece to me: a sort of total enclosure and dependence on impossibly complex systems that both determine the course of your work and feed on it to sustain their totality.

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@CarlCravens @gamehawk beau jo's is mostly terrible, at least if the boulder incarnation is anything to go by, but there are some thick-crust mountain pies that are pretty legitimate.

@casey @aparrish @mewo2 nearly every federation functionary, diplomat, high-ranking officer, etc. we encounter lends credence to this theory.

also a fair number of the research scientists, colonists, etc., seem hellbent on doing stupid and annoying things...

sure, we'll be hunted like dogs through the wastelands outside the city walls, but at least our text editors won't be trying to stab us in the back and i bet we still get better drugs.

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copilot might be the straw-on-camel's-back thing that makes me think very not-my-usual-thing thoughts about whether publishing source code was ever actually a good idea at all.

maybe the future of communitarian software development is going to be passing things around on a sneakernet where we make sure you're human first and if we find out you let a corporation or a robot see it, you're a narc.

@gamehawk alas, no, but on the other hand there's a railroad avenue one block over and it finally dawned on me that the big slab of brick and concrete randomly situated in the park over there was the train platform until Not That Many Decades Ago, so

@gamehawk yeah, we have joked in the past about getting something like this for a few hours of driving a year in a very specific setting (within the bounds of black rock city), and i very much suspect that's what i just heard, but ghost train is a way more compelling theory.

just heard a very distinct train horn.

there are no active train tracks within miles of here.

@checkervest notwithstanding all the bad that has become of terrestrial radio lately, i love the radio so much.

@checkervest "no thank you, a third of a gopher would only rouse my appetite without bedding her back down"

"i don't _want_ fop, dammit! i'm a dapper dan man!"

extremely specific childhood memory: trying to figure out the horseshoe puzzles at that one store in the amana colonies (options afterwards included buying candles or rock candy on a stick)

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