@srol i kind of gave up 2/3 of the way through the first one. it felt well-done but unflinching tragic inevitability just isn't really my jam in fiction most of the time. i'd be curious if the series as a whole has an outcome other than the "baru cormorant becomes the thing she set out to destroy" that i assume is the entire arc.

@earthtopus runnin around with a wheatfield, brown

(i guess maybe in the original conceptual schema of the song, running around with a ragtop down is a particularly _not_ ohio thing, so perhaps i've gone astray here)

@checkervest a whole lot of what you need to know about america boils down to how much of our history treats genocidal violence as a prerequisite to peace, i guess.

@earthtopus (i don't know why that was the most iowa thing i could think of on short notice, and i have no evidence that it involves literal clowns.)

@brainblasted hrm. i _think_ that's a new one on me, though something about it kind of tickles at the brain.

(it's been a few years since i had to wrangle nginx in any serious way, but i remember some frustration with certain config states leading to hard crashes. stuff around the `if` module and a few other things.)

@redoak it has been [0] days since the problem counter was incremented

@emilyst now that you mention it, i haven't seen one published since... august?

one could hardly blame them. i sort of accidentally drifted back into reading HN a while ago and my loathing for the world as a whole quickly escalated to dangerous levels.

@suetanvil this is _way_ too reasonable an idea to drive any of the blockchain cult enthusiasms that gave us NFTs in the first place.

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Headed to #Prague this week to explore! Looking for a place to stay there if you know anyone or have recommendations, would much rather stay with an interesting human rather then support Airbnb (but that’s currently the backup, plan) #pleaseboost

@tindall don't give them any more ideas about exploring the rest of it


i just learned another of my childhood neighbors died today. not that many years after his wife. both somewhere around my parents age, people who were the grownups when i was young. she used to be one of my substitute teachers, he's one of the guys i remember standing in a field squinting under his farmer cap making wry observations about crop health. profoundly decent people, though we disagreed on plenty. it gets a little emptier out in the country, bit by bit.

text editor rambling 

((gets stoned and talks shit about text editors is about as back on my bullshit as i can get.))

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text editor rambling 

(as a coda to this rant, brought to you by having forgotten just how strong of a sativa was in the joint i found sitting on the table earlier, i hope neovim pans out, i really do - if nothing else i'm grateful for it shaking up upstream development a little bit and forcing issues like the actually pretty usable terminal implementation, and i think the world probably needs two usable vims in it.)

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re: text editor rambling 

@keithzg that's an interesting one - i really haven't kept up with it since the 3 → 4 transition. if it's a project really committed to stability these days, i should see what it has to offer.

text editor rambling 

...and i'm grateful that the boring choice of "just keep using regular vim" remains viable. if this worked the way an overhaul of some single-vendor SaaS app typically works, then neovim's existence would have already made the old, boring, works-everywhere-i-need-it vim impossible to keep using.

this, almost as much as anything political, is a whole lot of why i got into free software.

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text editor rambling 

i became so goddamn stodgy in my software ways exactly because of this kind of thing.

it's not that nobody should make a wild leap in trying to make software better - if anything, we could use more wild leaps in certain directions.

it's just that too many ambitious efforts at change destroy the very thing they intend to improve on, and then fail to replace it, leaving nothing but wreckage where once there was a functioning system.

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