prior nemesis list:

- arborist with very loud wood chipper on truck

- that one fat mouse

- neighbor's fluffy dog

- the stripey cat from across the alley who sprawls on the yard table and makes eye contact

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heard this terrible noise from the direction of the cat's yard tunnel and when i went to check this other black cat was disappearing around the corner of the house post haste. i think he may have found a new nemesis.

@sixohsix @griffinkate my go-to for insomnia used to be a 1981 edition of a textbook called _Computer Programming in the BASIC Language_.

i still have my copy; i'm not sure it'd hold up in the sleep-inducing department these days, but it did set a useful precedent that technical books can make my brain reject consciousness.

@mousebot in US usage, at least: yes, although i think people mostly either use canned these days or do a slow cooker / slow stovetop kind of thing.

@brion i log in there like twice a year and i'm always just baffled at how incredibly fucking *bad* everything about it is. it gives banking and healthcare websites a run for their money in sheer sluggish grinding anti-usable awfulness.

...which i guess checks out, payment frameworks and the general class of software involved in people's livelihoods being what they are.

@checkervest vivid memories of sitting in the yard with my grandma and her calling the quail in from the shelter belt...

(never thought about this as the potential genesis of a story of eldritch horror until this moment, though.)

@zwol (but! i think you hit on something really important here that, equally, proponents of "microservices" would do well to consider: it _is_ often way easier to put a bunch of stuff inside one big box than it is to chop it into a whole bunch of boxes where all the interfaces to the outside world have to be considered for each thing. like there's a reason the most effective programming of my life has mostly happened inside "monolithic" web apps or config for single applications.)

celebrity death, country music 

@craigmaloney :(

90 though - and what a run.

@zwol like, hardly anything in my ~/bin would be defensible under the conditions of promoting something for general distribution, but on the other hand: i don't really have to care very much until i want to do that.

@zwol i think there's kind of a split here: to be a good generally reusable citizen of that ecosystem, there're a gazillion little things to consider, the surfaces and flows all have to be thought through really carefully, etc.

...but it's also an environment where in a ton of cases you as a programmer serving your own immediate needs can just spackle some shit in there and it'll pretty much work.


@craigmaloney oh, i think the GOP cares about voting rights a whole bunch, in the sense that they'd like them to stop existing. :\


@maya i just resent that enough people know who ben shapiro is for this to constitute a viable form of political pandering.

@prehensile people keep using "destroy the internet" framings and i know they mean me to take that as a bad thing

probable gun violence 

whew. seems like this one didn't amount to anything.

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probable gun violence 

distracted from work by the latest unfolding active shooter situation in a nearby town.

@silverseams the degree to which every car is the same car now is kind of boggling.

(i mean, ok, really, every car is one of like 3 cars, but still.)

@maya this has been a staple of my bus & train experiences for a few years, but it feels like it's escalating. the other day i was at a local bar while a live band played, and someone a table over was blasting recordings they had taken at other concerts they liked better on their Very Loud Phone. you could see the band members' souls withering in realtime.

@gergely without having really used it personally, i'll note that a number of friends rely on ikiwiki[0], and it seems to hit your desired features.


@brownpau like, sable doesn't want my tea, but he often wants to make sure he doesn't want it.

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