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> it is interesting how people with bad voltage use electric kettles rather than stove-top ones (assuming they wouldn't have the same issue?)

i'd say it's still probably an order of magnitude faster than stovetop, at least, but i grew up with a stovetop kettle. i think that's more or less the norm here.

@joeyh well this sure didn't take long to reach its logical end state.

@nuala @ifixcoinops we do own an (electric) kettle, and use it constantly, but i didn't have the habit before spending time in UK & new zealand. i am appropriately jealous of voltage elsewhere.

the coffee equipment... well, apparatus just tends to accumulate around here. also both of my sisters are baristas and it was a theme of holiday & birthday gifting for some years.

@vortex_egg inquiries extended.

for whatever it's worth, i use sqlitebrowser.org/ for some stuff and it's handy for what it is.

@vortex_egg there's some macos thing that a lot of db people i know are into, but maybe what you want is a code notebook sorta thing?

@ifixcoinops @nuala we don't just have one special coffee device; we have (pause for counting)

- drip coffee maker (it was my grandma's, can't bring myself to get rid of it, use it like twice a year)
- cold-brew coffee maker with a little filter bucket
- 2 forms of pourover filter holder for the little #2 paper filters
- aeropress
- 2 forms of french press
- old-school shiny metal percolator that you plug in
- stovetop percolator
- campfire type percolator
- stovetop espresso thing

@phooky @SuricrasiaOnline i used to have this situation where if somebody saw me and was like "hey jesus!" i knew i'd met them in a latin class.

(long hair, sandles, and the presence of one of those dudes who's always imposing nicknames on people.)

some mornings you wake up knowing you've already peaked for the day

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@mindspillage today i got pretty excited about planning some new shelves

@ehashman what is _happening_ over there, one wonders

(well, one pretty much knows)

@morganth i think it was just a product they were using, but they promoted it pretty heavily for a bit there.

@scruss (sorry, that was a bit much. anyway, yes, i agree. a more reasonable society would probably decide to stop.)

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