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one thing i've learned about using a typewriter: the correction ribbon, the bottle of wite-out / liquid paper: always, without fail, dried up and useless.

a short list of words i propose striking entirely from future use in english prose 

1. journey

is using "taking the piss" as an american cultural appropriation

wednesday evening lawn & garden report 

apple tree has made it most of the way through flowering without a significant hailstorm (i'm dooming it by saying this). the robins have nested in its branches instead of directly above the front step, which i am positively thrilled about.

rabbits: fat, complacent, no longer getting into the garden since i put up a fence.

hummingbirds: their rage is audible, but they're not yet vying to sit atop the single dead branch that sticks up out of the lilac.

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wednesday evening lawn & garden report 

we got some bark dumped out back to put around the collection nominally low-water local-compatible flowers waiting to go in the ground. there's going to be a flower bed i guess.

corn, spinach, radishes, lettuce, chives, and beans are all making an appearance. marigolds sprouted in the pot with the bitey ants living in it. tiny green strawberries are on the strawberry plants. oregano wintered over and is now making fair inroads on the strawberry patch.

when the mosquito flies, just for an instant in front of the brightly lit screen and then back into the darkness of the rest of the room

@g1comics i just noticed your display name scroll past and wanted to congratulate you on "lofi beast". a+.

a heartfelt but hopeless plea for designers in 2021 

also quit making things tinier

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a heartfelt but hopeless plea for designers in 2021 

stop removing all visual distinction between things that are distinct things

we were going to find a place to car camp and surprise some friends with an invite, and then it turned out we would have had to beat like half of colorado to getting a spot on like tuesday or some shit before the long weekend, so instead we had a campout in the yard.

it was good.

health, mortality, dementia, etc. 

what i don't think i quite realized while watching my parents deal at mid-life with an elderly parent slipping into dementia was just how deeply the horror of it is shaped by overtones of recognizing your own eventual fate.

now that i can see definite and no-longer-possible-to-wave-away signs of cognitive decline in my own folks, i catch the resonance of them with things i can feel happening to/in my own mind.

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i just spelled "learn" as "lurn" before catching myself, so i guess that's how it's going with my brain.

pretty excited to be planning, in earnest, to go see live music again.

much, much less excited to be dealing with ticketing websites again.

there are far viler industries in the world, but i can think of few that deliver any less competence in exchange for the rent they're extracting.

(it's always obvious i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about, but not always _this_ obvious)

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conway's game of life but instead of turning cells on or off it adds & subtracts dimensions from the grid

although it seems like it lacks programmable ant colonies, so that's a bit of a demerit.

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finished, have progressed to the prequel, _a deepness in the sky_.

this is definitely a way better book about the development of a sentient spider civilization than that other book about the development of a sentient spider civilization i still haven't finished.

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ok, latest shenanigans are as good a signal as anything. time to close that freenode connection for good.

there's still to worry about, but i can access it over element and think about getting somebody to bridge it to libera instead later.

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