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monday evening lawn & garden report; dinner 

- got a single garlic scape from a rogue garlic i have no memory of planting

- ate most of the spinach, it was pretty good in olive oil with the remnants of the broccoli raab

- we are gonna have so many apples

- the hummingbird is back to sitting on the dead branch at the very tip of the lilac bush

- crows have discovered the cherry tree next door; a feud brews with the squirrels

art project where it varies between sigur rós and godspeed! you black emperor songs based on current output from air quality sensors

waking up feeling pretty much human and interested in life generally and being kind of puzzled by that, then remembering that i just spent a week doing physical things and going physical places and not paying very much attention to the internet but joke's on me, work starts back up tomorrow

food adj, grilling 

i was really mad about cleaning the grill until i discovered the tray at the bottom slides out. it only took about 4 iterations before the lightbulb came on.

i am not a smart person.

it had been a few years since i dug out a stump by hand. it's everything i remembered and more. i'm going straight to chemical warfare or explosives on the next one.

jfc hackernews 

what's the most perfectly honed distillation of murderous technocrat amorality i have ever witnessed in a single exchange on a web site? well, there are many contenders, but this is certainly a strong one.

nothing like an emergency deploy on a sunday morning before a long vacation week to enliven a weekend

fountain pen nerding 

parker just put out a new version of the parker 51:

i don't think i've ever used a modern parker that wasn't trash, but i'm still pretty tempted by this.

the singularity, but instead of incomprehensible advances in technology it's just everything becoming such overwhelming bullshit that you can't be bothered to understand it any more.

hrm are these things volunteer tomatillos or some sort of poisonous nightshade

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can someone help me bring a #mastodon instance backup? I ran out of disk space on DO droplet and I added more but that didn't automatically get things to work again and I am over my head lol

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meme request 

anybody got any good moth memes laying around?

uspol, war criminals, the usual 

the bush years were when i learned about politics, and i always used to say i'd throw a party when cheney kicks it. same for w and today's good-riddance-to-bad-rubbish rumsfeld, i guess.

now... it's not that i hate these guys any less. it's just that there's an endless supply of them. the worst people you can imagine pretty much rule the world, and the years since have shown that there's always one more where the last one came from.

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meme request 

anybody got any good moth memes laying around?

mcafee, violence, sexual assault, cryptocurrency 

laurie penny summing things up in 2018:

> John McAfee has never been convicted of rape and murder, but—crucially—not in the same way that you or I have never been convicted of rape or murder.

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