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joe rogan, covid adj i guess 

is it possible - hear me out on this one - that joe rogan just isn't actually very smart


i didn't think the bright green peppers would be much hotter than the already quite hot purple peppers.

friends, i was mistaken.

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dear all websites

fuck your app, stop pestering me about the app

i keep thinking about how the internet has conditioned us all into a new default relationship to Things Generally, which is having and expressing an opinion about any given Thing

ways software has poisoned my brain: does zillow _really_ think that house was built in 1970, or is there a missing record and something's defaulting to an epoch date

monday afternoon garden report 

goddammit the deer ate all my ripe tomatoes.

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monday afternoon garden report 

maybe if you sort of held the chicken up to the caterpillar.

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monday afternoon garden report 

we think about getting chickens sometimes.

it's a bad idea because of bears, raccoons, foxes, hawks, eagles, etc., but i do find myself wondering if you could leverage chickens to eat caterpillars off your tomatoes without them also eating the tomatoes.

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monday afternoon garden report (alc) 

there are also some little purple peppers coming in that are light-you-up hot. i put a few in a bottle of vodka to extract for future spicy bloody mary use, and have fermented hot sauce plans for the remainder.

carrots are looking good, may yet get a head of broccoli or 2, the herbs are all enthusiastically going to seed and i don't have the heart to keep pinching flowers off. the pollinators turn out to be wildly enthusiastic about oregano.

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monday afternoon garden report (includes insects, potential violence) 

took a break to check garden.

a couple of tobacco hornworms were just absolutely murdering one of the tomato plants, so i relocated them to something i'm pretty sure is a wild nightshade in the weeds out back. if more turn up, it may come to violence.

on a more positive note, the marigolds flowered, the corn's looking pretty good, and the 2 big sunflowers have been attracting multiple kinds of bumblebee for a couple weeks.

any interface for working with tags that assumes there are gonna be, like, 6 tags instead of thousands is doomed right out the gate.

i'm pretty confident i have now spent about 4x more effort on installing & uninstalling & reinstalling the roof rack on the van than i have saved by using the roof rack on the van to haul objects.

food, subtype fruit 

"make a crumble and freeze the rest" is the clear consensus winner here. i'm going to make a crisp. i feel like "crisp" and "crumble" might be words for the same thing.

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(this train of thought brought to you by the frantic nonstop cricking ~8 feet from my desk for the last ~78 hours.)

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Cricket \Crick"et\ (kr?k"?t), n. [OE. criket, OF. crequet, criquet; prob. of German origin, and akin to E. creak; cf. D. kriek a cricket. See {Creak}.] :

saltatorial orthopterous insect, early 14c. (late 12c. as a surname), from Old French criquet "a cricket" (12c.), from criquer "to creak, rattle, crackle," of echoic origin, with a diminutive suffix; The Middle English Compendium says the French word is from Germanic (compare Dutch krekel, German Kreckel).

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holy shit: the noise a cricket makes is a crick, isn't it

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The Weeding Discourse is happening and so I am going to do a 🔓 thread and it's actually pretty fun and informative and it will involve some caps since my feels are high and my blood sugar is low! Follow along to learn some stuff about libraries and ... Satanism!*

*does not really contain Satanism

mouse fatality 

the half-awake "cat is yelling, why does cat sound like he has something in his mouth" → fully awake "cat has brought the mouse into the bed" transition is more effective than a cup of coffee, i tell you what.

food, subtype fruit 

what is the best thing to do with 9 lbs of peaches?

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