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neat vim plugin for outlining 

i was writing a long markdown document and i really wanted like a clickable outline of headers and remembered this thing:

sure enough, `:Voom markdown` and there's a panel with the exact interface i was looking for. super handy.

honestly this would probably be better measured in hours

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it has been [0] days since i watched a coworker type a command into an irc buffer instead of their shell

it's been a shitty week, but it's raining again and i sure am glad about that.

birdsite handle mapping 

not really something i'm in the market for personally, but curious if anybody knows of a thing like this i haven't heard of:

comments on bug trackers and stuff like that ought to have a field where you can specify a self-assessment of your own cognitive capacity to deal with the problem at hand at time of comment.

i love that "people who actually work on trains" is a category of human i'm starting to see an entire _set_ of on here

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Folks, please remember to add content warnings to political posts, especially at times like this, and consider asking others to do so before boosting their posts. Sharing news and information is important but so is looking after everyone's mental health.

@kattni hey! long time no textual interaction. welcome to the fediverse.

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I've got a new blog post up at Meedan (where I work). It's about longform git commits: what they are and how they can make your life as a software developer easier.

My spiciest git take is you should ban "-m" from your git repertoire and go full verbose invoking a text editor from the CLI to write commits.

software grousing 

the software we use to make software is split between

a) artifacts of profound depth and multi-layered beauty, honed for purpose by generations of craftspeople - things that may require familiarization and study, but reward the effort with years of aid to thought and effort

b) high-test distillations of the worst tortures our discipline inflicts on the rest of the world, but turned back on a userbase just about capable of operating them by virtue of years of agonizing struggle

uspol / nebraska pol 

just judging by the sheer amount of egregiously sketchy phone-bank push polling and spam text messages, somebody is dumping an unusual amount of money into the nebraska gubernatorial race.

(i haven't lived in NE for mumble years, but cellphone area codes are forever.)

(it probably doesn't need to be specified, but this will be a race between minutely-differentiated flavors of compleat shitbag.)

g'morning fediverse. if any of you know why i'm awake when i don't have to be out of bed for 2 hours, i would appreciate some insight.

the same friends i'd been thinking about asking if they wanted to go see _everything everywhere all at once_ with us texted last minute out of the blue to invite us to a showing of it, and i can't remember the last time i enjoyed a movie so much.

is there a browser extension specifically designed to reload bank & billing websites so i can get all of the ones i have to cross reference open before the first one logs me out?

google docs is an astonishingly powerful piece of software and also an organizing principle from hell

skincare advice? 

thanks, as ever on this kind of thing, for all the helpful thoughts. i've got some stuff to investigate.

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