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maybe look at some animals in the middle distance and whatnot

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I'm hiring! Looking for an Senior Fullstack Web Engineer, #React and #NodeJS experience are a plus. We're a #Remote company who makes a cool legislation tracking tool and contributes to #OpenSource #CivicData . Would love to chat via DMs!


a while ago we got the cat this mesh tunnel thing so he could come hang out on the yard with us and not immediately put himself in mortal danger / do a series of tiny murders (he's ancient and has been inside his entire life, colorado wildlife would pick him off in seconds even if we weren't worried about the birds & such).

it's been great, except now he sits by the door and demands to be let out into his tunnel so he can sit in the tunnel and demand to be let back in the house.

if anybody feels like a short master class on writing up a technical investigation, this example from @krinkle is worth your time:

the weather 

holy fuck it's hot out.

scrollin down the timeline, distributing the morning favorites

i have just written the heading "What is the correct attitude towards systems?" so now might be an optimal time to close my text editor and go focus on getting the cat to chase a small object or something.

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vision stuff 

hunching over the screen like snoopy hunching over a potential victim in those strips where he's being a fierce vulture, squinting into the terminal window, thinking "maybe it is time to get that computer glasses prescription filled", like every other afternoon for the several weeks since i got the prescription.


a radiant good morning to everyone except tree pollen

animal ec, but as sticker 

gf got a cricut and immediately stickerified a picture of sable.


have the kind of friendships where when you get together for the first time in a while, you've both instinctively brought a new hot sauce for the other person to try

the "you touched it last" theory of software development

the purpose of the system is what it doesn't.

very ignorable healthcare system grousing 

(how are people who work real jobs instead of computer botherer bullshit expected to navigate this? haha, lol, lmao, right, like that's an outcome this is designed for, you utter rube.)

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