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hoping all the good people of are able to find new homes swiftly and without incident.

i'm sticking by my commitment to myself that i'm not going to run a generalist instance for other users unless i suddenly develop the time and energy to do it right, but this one is a real temptation.

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The "albiflora group" needs a new name - please help!

I've been saying since I first wrote about the variegated "albiflora" plants that this group would probably need a new name, and the time is now.

These cultivars are a group of unknown white-flowered hybrids, probably involving T. fluminensis, T. crassula, and other species in the Austrotradescantia subgenus. Most plants in this group have very compact and branching growth, and most are variegated with pink or white stripes.

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I'm kind of sick of "oral history" style articles, but I gotta give props to Waypoint because this one of Tim Curry's Red Alert 3 performance is maybe the best edited article I've read all year

serving on the enterprise might have been the idea that haunted my childhood daydreams, but being a recurring background character at quark's is a lot closer to my experience of adult life.

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I am running for the WMF Board: voting will open in a few hours and be open until Sept. 6.

Best way to support me is:
* Vote at <>
* Rank me first.
* Reach out to 5 other Wikimedians you know, and get them to vote as well.

Information about my candidacy and links to all relevant materials can be found at <>.


#WMFBoard #Wikimedia #Wikipedia #MediaWiki

sometimes i wish issue tracking systems had a way to indicate "this person is beyond help".

first elephant revival show, billed as such, in... 3+ years?

people are constantly asking me what my plan is, or what the plan is for x, and i'm like free yourself from the tyranny of pretending you know what's going to happen! plans are for people who are getting paid to act like they're going to do something people told them to do!

i am stressed the fuck out and i genuinely can't tell if it's because i had a cup of coffee this morning or if i actually have good reasons to be stressed out.

i have to assume other people's brains provide this service by default

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service where a calm, disembodied voice quietly just tells me to do the next item on my to-do list

this escalated until i just wedged the opening to the tunnel in the propped-open screen door so he could go back and forth at will and now he just sits in the tunnel entrance and periodically yells at me.

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in my personal schema, if february is the tuesday of the year, then late august is the friday afternoon and everyone is marking time until you can plausibly-deniably skate out the side door of the year

covid adj 

this just occurred to me, but one of the weirdest enduring cultural artifacts of covid is that people actually scan qr codes now.

((these guys will also be selling out big venues for as long as they feel like going on the road, probably, so they're probably doing just fine sounding a little less like a hot jam session at a festival where everybody's high as a kite and more like something that might conceivably get played on Today's Hot Country Hits.))

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(everybody's entitled to be whatever kind of band they want, mostly, and i don't begrudge people doing different stuff. it's just weird when you see talented people sort of shedding their distinctiveness and adrift in these zones of samey genre signifier. i can imagine the pressures that lead to it, but it seldom ends well.)

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