i started a playlist the other day going "what acoustic-adjacent stuff would i put on here that's like... mellow and simultaneously ragged and not full of shit" and i put some be good tanyas on there and i could never quite figure out how not to just do their entire discography. why isn't more music like this?

subquestion: what else is like the be good tanyas?

(i have my own answers to this, kind of, but i am curious what anybody else who has even heard of this band thinks.)

@brennen hmm, first band that came to mind was The Wailin’ Jennys” but I haven’t listened to The Be Good Tanyas in a long time. Need to remedy that.

@brennen Frazey Ford (but that's admittedly a bit of a cheat). Wailin' Jennys, Cowboy Junkies if you stretch, maybe Kathleen Edwards or Emmylou Harris.

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